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Our teaching is dedicated to serving each practitioner’s unique needs as we teach in the Vinyasa Krama, Mysore method which encompasses ashtanga yoga, chandra krama (moon sequence) as well as yin & restorative yoga.

The Mysore class method is like a private yoga class in a group setting where you learn and practice under one-on-one guidance from an experienced teacher according to your unique physical, energetic and mental constitution.

Bhumi Yoga  welcomes practitioners of all walks of life and practice experience including beginners, young, elderly as well as more seasoned practitioners.

Daily Mysore classes are taught by Maxi Meissner, certified yoga teacher and yoga therapist. Maxi is a long-time yoga student and continues to make yearly journeys to study with her teachers Matthew Sweeney, Susanna FInnocchi and Sharmila Desai who all inspire and source her practice, and teaching. Maxi started teaching ashtanga yoga in Groningen in 2010 when she founded her yoga school. Maxi is a nature and cat lover, holds a PhD in Medical Sciences, a masters degree in exercise physiology as well as degrees in human physiology, nutrition and psychology.
Bhumi originates from the sanskrit language and means soil, ground, foundation, earth and mother. The name Bhumi reflects much of what practice at our yoga school stands for: a place where we attend to nurturing our inner foundation and ground.

As we attend to and nourish our inner soil we cultivate more peace and calm physically as well as mentally, this also beneficially affects how we interact and perceive our outer world.

Our school is a place where through practice and going within we create awareness, space and peace in our breath, bodies, inner-and outer environments.

Practice is like tending to a garden, here we plant and water the seeds that help us grow in more life-supporting ways, where the seeds can sprout safely and grow into something beautiful inside and out – as our own foundation feels solid and anchored from within.

Location: Damsterdiep 46, 9711SM, Groningen
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