Project Purpose: A Unique Men’s Experience with David Lurey 16-19 Mei

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Find Balance Yoga with David Lurey en Finca s’Almudaina Mallorca

A unique men’s experience where you will be challenged and supported in the cultivation of your Purpose.


We live in a time that is unique in our History. Change is taking place at an unprecedented speed and the shift to social media means our lives are more visible than ever. One challenge this creates is a gap between the way we show up in the world and the way we want to be seen. Said another way, our intention versus how we are seen or received by others. Although we can not really effect how other people ‘see’ us, we do have control over what we put out to the world.

Living a life of purpose is the way to bridge how we want to be seen and how we are seen in the world.

This weekend is about discovering purpose and using it as a tool to make conscious choices, to act and engage with intention and put out to the world what we want to create.

Through various exercises, practices and the unique process of ‘Circling,’ we will support men in discovering a purpose that reveals a true essence. Durning this process, you will see yourself in a new way and allow yourself to be seen by others. You will have an opportunity to connect to your true essence, absent the layers of needing to impress anyone, fulfill someone else’s expectations or play the role you are used to playing.

Project Purpose is designed to support you with these challenges and bring men together with ritual, connection, and depth.

Due to the nature of this program, we are limited to 10 participants. We suggest you register early…


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