Weekly Pranayama & Moon Sequence class

Yoga Course
Bhumi Yoga Damsterdiep 46 Groningen Map
Every Wednesday 17.30-19.00
The Moon Sequence is an alternative therapeutic vinyasa krama sequence designed by Matthew Sweeney (author of Ashtanga Yoga As It Is and Vinyasa Krama) accessible to students of all traditions. This sequence will help you rebalance energetically, psychologically, and physically.

The moon sequence, as a more soft and gentle asana practice provides a balance to the more yang ashtanga practice. By practicing an alternative sequence regularly, you can decrease the likelihood of strain and overuse injury and you can also learn to tune into how the seasons and the phase of the moon affect and influence your body and mind.

In the weekly Wednesday classes the basics of the Moon Sequence are taught, alongside a gentle pranayama (breathing technique) to calm the nervous system.

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